A Political Remix- The War on Drugs

President Reagan was one of the most outspoken presidents when it came to drugs. He and the First Lady, Nancy Reagan practically created the war on drugs by demonizing every drug under the sun. As we know it today President Reagan’s war on drugs was a failure, people still do drugs and now they are more potent and prevalent than before. It’s no wonder that President Reagan and his wife Nancy would be the perfect candidates for a political remix video. 

In 1988 Cliff Roth created this political remix video by combining two pre-recorded speeches’ that the President and First Lady gave for the purposes of the war on drugs. Roth reworked the speech to make it seem as though the President and First Lady were giving a pro-drug speech. This political remix video makes the war on drugs seem even more absurd than it was. It begins by talking about Nancy Reagan’s marijuana usage and how there is a shortage of drugs which is also a problem. This political remix video takes a very serious topic and completely twists it so that the Reagan’s are saying the exact opposite of what they wanted. The comedy aspect of this political remix video is pure genius and takes an audience who would usually disregard the words of the Reagans and make them pay closer attention than ever before. 

This political remix video is an extremely effective means of poking fun at the Reagans and showing that their war on drugs was not necessarily the correct decision. Considering that this political remix video was created in 1988 its film techniques were well done. There was actually difficult to tell that the film had been put together using two different tapes, the speech seemed coherent the entirety of the video. One way that the film maker could have made the video more enticing to viewers was by cutting down on its length. The total video was seven minutes long and the purpose was made clear well before the video ended. By the conclusion of the video that point had been reiterated one too many time in my opinion and it is possible that some viewers would lose interest.

 Overall the  video was creative, funny and well done!