Claremont Hills Wilderness Park

I spent my spring break in Claremont, California. The phrenology site I chose to spend my one hour at, (and many more hours at) is the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. Located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, the park is run by very friendly park rangers. The hills were flouring due to the heavy rainfall at the beginning of March. The species I encountered during my visit was one Red-tail Hawk and five to seven California Quail. Also, I heard an owl hoot on multiple occasions throughout my hike. Next, I observed many plant species. First off, I pulled out as many Yellow Mustard as I could. This is an invasive species, prominent in Southern California.

This is a photo of me posing with a Yellow Mustard that I pulled out! This species is invasive, so it is good to weed them whenever you see them. They are all over the West Coast.

In comparison to my phrenology site in Burlington, this site was lush, and the air was warm. On the contrary, the Redstone Woods is usually very bleak, and the ground is brown and hard. The Redstone Woods has been a part of the University of Vermont since its opening 1794. After talking to the park rangers, I learned that Claremont Hills Park became a city natural park is 1997. Furthermore, the first inhabitants of this land were Native Americans. As us Americans do, we decided to name them the “Gabrielenos” because they lived in the “Gabriel Mountains”. (very creative) So, both my phrenology sites belonged to a Native American group at some point in time. This coincidence is sad, but a true reality for many places scattered throughout the United States.

This is a photo of me at one of the summits at the park. The sun was setting on the other side of me.

In conclusion, the new phrenology site I visited was a major success. I had a lovely time but did miss my phrenology site in Burlington. I will admit, it was nice to observe a place with a green landscape; although, Claremont Hills Park is usually a lot drier and browner. But, I came after a few weeks of rain. That being said, the views were gorgeous and the air was clean!