Redstone Event Map

Above is my event map showing a set of experiences at my phenology place.

Some changes I noticed in the Redstone Forest since my previous visit is that the trees are barer; there are less calmly colored leaves to greet me. I will miss the beautiful red and orange leaves on the trees. There were more dead leaves on the ground then from my previous visit. Next, the overall vibe of the Redstone Forest has become darker. This is defiantly due to the colder weather, and reduction of sunlight. Also, I noticed that there were fewer birds in the sky. I can attribute this to the birds beginning to hibernate due to the cold Vermont weather. Usually, I encounter around five people, but this time I only encountered two humans. I attest this to the cold weather. Lastly, I found only one piece of garbage on the ground. Because of constant visits by students, the woods usually have more evidence of humans there, such as cans, candy wrappers, and old articles of clothing. Once again, the visit to my phrenology of place was calming and refreshing, and I look forward to future visits.

 The Beuty of Air

Looking up at the trees,

I notice that they’re so tall.

I imagine the heights that they can reach

and it makes me feel so small.

I feel the solid Earth below me,

the crushed leaves, remnants of Fall.

The wind blows crisp and free

and somehow I feel so calm.

As I breathe in the cool air,

I exhale my troubling thoughts and worries

Inhale peace,

and exhale disturbance.

My trip to the woods

never seizes to leave me with goods.

Who knew what the forest could do?