Red Stone Forest Phrenology

Mae Garland

Journal #1

Link to google map:

I chose this location for a multitude of reasons. First, this location is an easy 10-minute walk from my dorm. Next, these woods are beautiful and have gorgeous spurts of color. To get to the Red Stone Woods, you walk West for about 6 minutes from Harris and then walk South for two minutes to get to the entrance. Throughout the duration of the walk, I am blessed by a beautiful view of the mountains! This makes this walk very pleasant for me.

The vegetation included a variety of woody plants and trees. There was many Coniferous Trees, and woody plants including wild parsnip, common milkweed, buckthorn, pickerelweed, and other species. The vegetation consists of a compilation of trees and plants. There is a run down dirt path through the woods, and two tree trunks functioning as benches in the center.

This is the view from a hammock in the middle of the forest. The sun was shining through the trees in a euphoric manner.

I was sungazing, and my friend took a quick photo! When visiting my spot, I dipped my feet in the slow-moving stream.

The beginning of the path to my phrenology location. It’s a very open and inviting entrance.

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