Exploring Casavant Natural Area


Link to map of location:


I  chose the Casavant Natural Area based on an interest in the Winooski River and a desire to explore somewhere a bit off campus. I don’t often make it back to trinity so i was interested to see what kinds of natural areas are available to people in that residential area. In order to get to this location I road my bike down to towards Trinity and then down Colchester Ave, Across the bridge and down Winooski falls way. Here I arrived at a path that led down to the conservation land. The area was very grassy and full of woody plants. I would say that theere was about 80% ground cover at this particular location. Also on the ground was quite a bit of dead tree and plant matter. As I sifted my hand through the sandy soil, it was clear that this area had previously been a beach-probably along the Champlain sea. The focal species I saw in this location included Green Ash, Sugar Maple,Silver Maple, Basswood and Boxelder trees.