May Phenology

My phenology site has still not changed too much yet, likely due to the weather only now starting to be consistently warm. However, trees are beginning to bud and understory ferns and small woody plants are starting to bud and return greenery to the area. I have not noticed any new signs of animal life, […]

April 16

Although I did not notice any signs of amphibians in my place, there may have been some in the surrounding area. This is because my place is on the elevated bank of Centennial Brook and the area between my place and the brook seem to be good habitat. There are not any spring flowers yet, […]

New Phenology Place

My new phenology place is in Garnsey Park. This 150 acre park was once part of a family farm and is now owned by the town of Clifton Park. Because of this prior land use, the area is primarily rolling meadows with a forested ridgeline and border. It is open to the public for use […]

March 5

Task 1: I would classify my natural community as an upland northern hardwood forest. This is because water flows through as streams and the soils are always moist. In addition, the primary tree types in the area, such as maples and birches, are the hardwoods most associated with an upland northern hardwood forest. In addition, […]

First Visit of Second Semester

Since the fall, phenological changes have happened at my phenology place. There is now ice and snow covering the whole area and all of the remaining leaves have fallen from the trees. This makes the volume of foot traffic in the area much more evident as it is extremely difficult to distinguish single footprints in […]

Human History of Centennial Woods

To the somewhat trained eye, it is obvious when visiting my phenology spot that it is not part of an old growth forest. This is because the trees are fairly young and many of the species present there, such as red maple, are species with fairly short lifetimes. Due to the young age of the […]

Thanksgiving Phenology

Google Map Location.°48’04.1%22N+73°54’22.5%22W/@42.801146,-73.9084448,652m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d42.8011458!4d-73.9062528 Leopold Style: This location is in Schenectady, New York’s Central Park. This location is on the northern end of the park about halfway through the disc golf course. Because of this locations close proximity to the disc golf course, many people use the area. This has resulted in there being very little […]

Third Visit to My Place (Event Map, Picture Gallery, and Noted Changes)

Event Map  If the event map is not legible, the events are as follows from the top left across to the top right, then to the bottom right, and finally right to left across the bottom, ending at the bottom left. 1)First, a bird that I was unable to identify saw me and flew off […]

Second Visit To My Place

Since my last visit, more leaves have fallen off of the oak, maple, and beech trees as fall has progressed. The leaves that are still on the trees have mostly changed color and are now many shades of red and orange. The vegetation on the ground (particularly the ostrich ferns) has also started to die […]

Phenology Place Map