Final Visit

My final visit to Salmon Hole was somewhat bittersweet. As I took final observations of the area, I noticed new features of my site. The soil was a soft, fine sandy type and the trees were completely barren. The site has clearly changed due to development in the surrounding area and the construction of the dam. The Winooski River is surrounded by an apartment complex, a busy street, and several stores. This area is mainly used for recreation. Fishing for both warm water and cold water species in this area is a common activity. Walking and relaxing in this region is also quite popular. There is also a trail that is used people’s enjoyment. This area was previously used for salmon fishing, but there are now regulations to protect the fish species.

The mills in Winooski were beginning to be constructed during the early 1800’s. During a flood in 1830, the original mill and small factory were destroyed. Throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, various mill type infrastructure continued to be built. In 1927, a large flood destroyed many of the mills in this region.

Below is Winooski during 1889. It is interesting to see how much the area has changed due to the addition of bridges, roads, and the dam.


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