Last Visit

This was my last trip to my phenology site of freshman year! It is definitely sad to leave this place after seeing it change so much over the last year, but I’ll definitely be back in the fall to see how it looks.

My phenology spot did not change very much from the last visit. The area was still muddy and wet from the rainfall during the week. There may have been more plants burgeoning and trees getting more buds but there were very little small changes to the site.

I think that the culture of the students mixes with the nature of my spot. UVM and its students have a particular connection to nature that a lot of places do not have. So many students spend their time outside to connect with nature. I believe that my spot is a place where students can come together to do the things they love and learn to care about the environment more.

I think that overtime I learned to love my place a lot. Though it is a simple grove of trees, I loved it upon first site. I don’t think I personally became a part of my site but I think it will be somewhere that I will definitely visit in the future!

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