Springtime Visit

The day that I went to visit my site, it was very muddy. There was a lot of rain in the last week, and it made the soil and the leaves in my site very wet and slick. On my way there, there were so many earthworms that had come out of the ground due to the rain. There was a stream near my site and it was much higher than usual and flowing at a rapid rate towards the brook.

There was much fern growth in the area. In the fall when I had visited, there were always a lot of ferns and plants on the ground. There were many fully grown ferns as well as some rolled up ostrich ferns which were really pretty to see. There were also many little plants starting to sprout up from the ground. Most of the maples had already started to bud and there were some very small leaves coming out, but there was not much other growth. The ground in the area must be very fertile due to all the leaves that decompose in the area.

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