The Start of a New Year

It is now February 2019, the start of the second month of the year. Throughout the last month, there has been much snowfall and much colder temperatures than the rest of the year. When I visited my phenology spot, I noticed how much snow had accumulated at my spot. All of the understory brush, like ferns, were completely covered and dead due to the snow cover.

The snow was perfect for noticing animal tracks, but its depth was a problem in identifying the type of animal to which it belonged to. The only tracks that were really obvious are in the second picture which is the track of a squirrel and it went from tree to tree in a galloping motion (2nd picture).

There weren’t very many types of trees and buds to identify in the area, but there were many maples, red and sugar (5th picture), and quite a few Eastern White Pines.

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