The Second Visit!

I decided to visit my site again on Saturday, October 20th. The weather going to my site was very nice, around 60 degrees and sunny. There were a lot of birds chirping and Centennial Woods seemed to be filled with life.

I observed the flora and fauna that could be found at my site. There was a large number of ferns that populated the ground. There were also multiple species of maples, like red, sugar, and Norway¬†maples. There was one Black Cherry tree in the area and several Eastern White Pines. I wasn’t¬†able to actually see any animals or other organisms but there were signs that there was animal life in the area. There were many snagged trees, and the tree that was my center point had a huge hole in it that could be used to house birds, chipmunks, and other fauna. There was also a tree that seemed that it had either been drilled by a woodpecker for food. There were also just general animal noises all around us.

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