Social Connect Icons

Social Sharing and Social Connect

If you want to send site visitors to your social media accounts, we have provided a list with various social icons. The URLs for each default to UVM’s social property. You can edit these manually by editing the HTML and replacing UVMs social account URL with your own. Sadly, there isn’t a YouTube icon at present. It’s on the “To Do” list to switch these over to SVG icons and provide some more options.

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To edit the links for the icons

First, you will need to convert the icon block to a regular block.

Then you will see the HTML version. You’ll need to know a little bit about HTML to edit this. Take a look at the highlighted text in this screengrab. Basically, find each

  • list element for the icon you want to link and paste in the URL after the href= and between the quotation marks. Repeat for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Sharing Your Content on Social

    The AB Blocks Sharing Component allows a website visitor to share YOUR content on THEIR social platforms. These icons open each social entity respectively. The user then logs in and can share.

    The email icon launches the user’s email application on their computer with a link to your page ready to be shared via email.

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