Blockquotes and Pullquotes

WordPress supports both pullquotes and blockquotes. Blockquotes allow you to feature a quote from an external source. Pullquotes are used to elevate content within the page to be more visible.

To implement quotes on your page: While you are on the page you wish to edit, click on the little [+] icon at the top left of your page. Type “quote” in the Block search field to filter all blocks by “quote”. Select the desired reusable quote block. The quote component will load into your page. Click on the block you just loaded. The name of the block will show up over a light gray band above the block. Click on the three vertical dots […] and select “convert to regular block.” You are now ready to edit the quote placeholder text with your text.

This is a Gutenberg blockquote out of the can. It is styled.

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This is the default blockquote. You can create good experiences without knowing the content. What you can’t do is create good experiences without knowing your content structure. What is your content made from, not what your content is.

Mark Boulton

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. A scelerisque purus semper eget duis at tellus at urna. Luctus venenatis lectus magna fringilla urna porttitor rhoncus. Diam sit amet nisl suscipit adipiscing. Felis eget velit aliquet sagittis id consectetur purus ut. Neque viverra justo nec ultrices dui sapien eget mi. Enim diam vulputate ut pharetra sit amet. Dignissim convallis aenean et tortor. A lacus vestibulum sed arcu non odio euismod. Ullamcorper eget nulla facilisi etiam dignissim diam quis.

This is the Large blockquote style, default, no background. et tortor at risus. Luctus venenatis lectus magna fringilla urna porttitor. Sit amet massa vitae tortor condimentum. Odio tempor orci dapibus ultrices.

Brilliant Author

In addition to the quote block, we also have the pull quote

Theme Reviewer

This is a pull quote with a “solid color” style

Author Unknown
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