WordPress has styles for both “block quotes” and “pull quotes”.

Pull quotes are used when you want to highlight or elevate certain text within a page. In general with pull quotes, the same text would appear twice- within the body content and then stylistically called out within a pull quote.

Block quotes are used primarily to feature a quote from an outside source.

Blockquote: Default

Reusable Block Name: Blockquote__ default

This is the default blockquote. You can create good experiences without knowing the content. What you can’t do is create good experiences without knowing your content structure. What is your content made from, not what your content is.

Mark Boulton

Blockquote: Large

Reusable Block Name: Blockquote__ large

This is the Large blockquote style, default, no background. et tortor at risus. Luctus venenatis lectus magna fringilla urna porttitor. Sit amet massa vitae tortor condimentum. Odio tempor orci dapibus ultrices.

Brilliant Author

Pullquote: Default

Reusable Block Name: Pullquote__ default

In addition to the quote block, we also have the pull quote

Theme Reviewer

Pullquote: Solid

Reusable Block Name: Pullquote__ solid

This is a pull quote with a “solid color” style. This is placeholder text and is not meant to be read.

Author Unknown
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