We’ve designed a custom WordPress theme available exclusively to the University of Vermont faculty, students and staff. The purpose of this site is to introduce the theme and help you successfully implement the many ready-made layouts and design components so you can quickly put together a professional, on-brand, website!

Gutenberg WordPress introduction and theme structure

UVM has taken the leap to Gutenberg WordPress! There’s a ‘wee learning curve’ as the approach to creating pages is completely different than before, but we are sure that you will love the ease and flexibility once you get over the initial hump. This theme is designed to take advantage of Gutenberg’s block structure and offers a library of re-usable layouts and components to get you started.

Building your site with our theme is easy!

Your site can be built:

  • Loading ready-made, components (called reusable blocks in Gutenberg WordPress)
  • Using ready-made layouts and replacing the placeholder content with your own (These are reusable blocks with names that being with Layout__)
  • From scratch adding image, video and text content

Library of layouts and components

We’ve made a dozen or so page layouts and over 60 reusable library components. So whether you need to add a paragraph, pull-quote, table, gallery of images, project list- we’ve got it! We’ve tried to make the names be intuitive but understand that the options can be hard to visualize. Take a look at the blog for information on specific blocks, functionality, and design components.

You can also just navigate to a page in the MENU to the upper left. Pages are organized by content type and provide a reference for implementing.

Resources and Next Steps

If you are new to working in WordPress Gutenberg or not sure where to start, iThemes offers a fantastic introduction to Gutenberg blocks – what they are and how to work with them.

There are so many great websites, blogs and video tutorials out there to learn WordPress. We see no reason to write redundant content. Our intention is to provide enough information to get you started but we will also reference relevant third-party tutorials and articles as appropriate. We’ll reference these in our blocks and formatting blog area.

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