Video Remix

Why We Need Lady Suits

The first thing that came to my mind when I initially sat to down to brainstorm ideas for my remix was The Office, particularly the infamous Michael Scott. Michael and his trusty sidekick, Dwight, have many instances throughout the show where they participate in the mistreatment of the women of Dunder Mifflin. Being an avid viewer of the show, this I know. I knew I wanted to open with one of these particular scenes from the show, as it’s a show many are familiar with and launches right into my main argument, being that women are still misrepresented and under-valued in the workplace.

This is where I began my remix, with presenting different areas of our media, like The Office, that demonstrate women being misrepresented in the work setting. I wanted to progress from the issue, to how it’s being recognized, and then to the education that has stemmed from it in order to make the necessary changes. Through this structure, I want to take viewers on a short but sour (then sweet) journey on the evolution of society’s perspective on this issue. I would imagine a good deal of my viewers to be young women as fed up as I am, but would hope some young men would be viewing and learning as well. I think of myself, a female business student among other female and male business students. We’re all studying the same subject, thus many have us have similar goals and ambitions for future endeavors in the business world. So, then, we should all be educated and aware of this issue, females and males alike.

I implemented a strategy of trimming down clips to the points I wanted to make and presenting them one after the other, in terms of where they were at in the sequence of my remix. Between each separate idea of my remix, let’s call them the ‘Big Three’ ideas, I presented a blank background with text over audio. This was to give the viewer a preview into where the remix was to turn next. In the beginning, more sour part of my remix, I utilized The Office theme song, to play up the sort of office theme. As the remix progressed and the main idea turned to making change, I switched up the audio to ‘Run The World’ by Beyoncé. Because what’s women empowerment without a little (or a lot of) Beyoncé? I began with the negative, weaved a little humor into the middle, and wrapped it up with some wise words from some pretty bad-ass business women. In doing so, I hope to maintain the viewer’s attention, while casting light at the end of the tunnel for us ladies.

Now, I’ll say it. I’m no technologically-sound gal. Nor am I anywhere close. The mere thought of video editing sends a shiver up my spine. Coming up with the idea for my remix came easy to me. Being a young female pursuing business among an outstanding number of male counterparts, this is something I’m passionate about and comes right to mind when brainstorming ideas for a piece. But the action of sitting down with the editing software in front of me, essentially looking like the dials in the cockpit of an airplane, proved to be the most difficult for me. It took a whole lot of messing around and trial and error, let me tell ya. But that’s the way I had to go about it. Slowly and carefully, until I began to figure out how different tools worked and I got into a groove. I did most of it in one sitting, as I found once I was in this editing groove, it was hard for me to stop and then re-enter it.

Now had this been a paper, my process would’ve been far different, as the process of writing a paper is something I have down to a science. I know exactly what to do when I begin a draft. Writing comes naturally to me. Video editing? Not so much. In the end, though, they’re both forms of expression, forms of art. If I were to have written a paper on the mistreatment of women in the business world, I would’ve gotten the same message across and achieved the same purpose. They’re just two different ways to approach the same idea. Can I see a future of video editing for myself? Absolutely not. But hey, it never hurts to have something new on the ‘ole resume!


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