Let the Ideas Flow

One single idea didn’t come to mind when given this podcast assignment. Rather, a jumbled influx of ideas swarmed into my head. This is often how idea generation goes down in my brain. Though, I was inspired by some of the prompts given in class and was able to narrow down the influx to a few potential topics of interest. When first looking at the prompt ‘When does _______ turn from being benign to harmful?,’ I actually thought of reversing it. Last year, I went through an initially bad breakup that ended up changing my life for the better, so I thought that could be cool to write about finding good from a bad situation in that sense. Also stemming from this, being able to reflect upon a time when you and your life was so drastically different to how it is now and how that can be so.

Moving to another idea, I’m a member of greek life here at UVM and have experienced frustration with recent events on campus and assumptions being made and blame being placed where it may not should be. I had a great conversation with a few of my classmates on the matter and realized this could be a very interesting and pressing topic to write about, with it being a current university matter. As a class, we came up with some possible prompts for this, like ‘Trying to formulate a solution when actually creating a problem,’ or, ‘Where should the line of responsibility fall?’ This could also go along with, ‘What is an event that has happened in your community?’ Being a member of greek life and having witnessed some other similar situations where the university has gotten involved, I think I could really take these prompts and run with them.

My video remix was centered around the idea of women being misrepresented and under-valued in the business world. I’m a business major and have plans to enter the business world, thus I could really speak to how it feels to be a woman in such a male-dominated field. Aside from these few ideas I’ve been toying with, I was captivated by other prompts we discussed in class and think any way you approach this assignment could be fascinating.