Lady Suits

Women are pretty badass. I think this we can all agree upon. And with the changing times and the increasing efforts in the fight towards women’s equality, we’re only growing stronger. Women in sports, women in politics, and most pertinent to my life: women in business.

I’m a business major with a writing minor. And let me tell you, I already hear enough about having a humanities minor and not Stats or Econ. Since freshman year, my classes have been primarily male. I’ve only had a handful of female professors and have been the only girl group member for multiple group projects. I’ve experienced first-hand my male classmates packing up early in classes taught by female professors, while waiting until male professors to get out their final thought. I’ve also experienced first-hand some pretty amazing and intelligent women I get to call my classmates. My team for my internship this past summer was lead by a highly successful female supervisor. Needless to say, being a young woman pursuing business, I am very inspired by the growing women in business movement. Though, we are still undervalued, under-respected, and misrepresented in the business setting. Thus, this is what I plan to base my video remix on.

I would imagine my audience would be primarily young women entering the business world like myself, as well as future businessmen. We all share this business education, but may not all share the same perspectives on gender equality in the workplace. Though, we should. I plan to use strategies like showing various headlines, use clips to show how men are viewed versus women, and present some successful famous-name female entrepreneurs. Perhaps even a voice-over of a motivational female business speaker. I want to be able to graduate and enter the business world confident that I’ll be treated equal to my male coworkers, and I want all my other lady business majors too as well.