A Sip of Inspiration

Before gaining access to the Whitetail Gin site, it has you confirm that you’re over the age of 18 to enter the site. Now I don’t know about you, but this made me feel pretty exclusive, almost as if I was a member of some secret gin society. Not to mention for those younger-than-18, which I am gladly not, I can imagine such would create a sense of curiosity and longing to be allowed in. Once you get into the site, your eyes are immediately drawn to the center of the page, where the headline presented in three short lines states: ‘Inspired By Nature. Sourced in Mull. Created in London.’ Boom. We are instantly told the gin is British, which automatically makes it cool in my book. The rest of the site aligns well with this cool and sophisticated, almost suave vibe. The headline rests over a darkened image of the gin’s ingredients, almost scattered across a white countertop. It’s a busy image, with bits of pine needles and lemon peel overflowing onto the table top. But the darkening of the image allows it to fade into the background more, while still popping at just the right amount. Underneath the headline, it prompts you to ‘Discover More,’ which at this point I’m intrigued to do so. Clicking this brings you to the other various sections of the website, including the inspiration behind the gin, the various awards its won, and its specific products. The most fun part of this scroll, though, is that the website itself moves with you, almost as if it’s alive. Each section glides into the next with the various images moving as your mouse does. It feels as if you’re swirling around a glass of gin over a bed of ice. Such makes the site highly interactive and eye-catching. Once you finally reach the bottom of the glass, you’ll find Whitetail’s social media handles and contact information. With the mere artisticness of the work, I’m pretty much dying to see the Instagram. The site is effective because it’s different. Modern. Unique. It draws the user in and proves to be very clear and user-friendly while doing so. Fine British gin, anyone?

Link to sight: https://whitetailgin.com