Twig Sketch

Changes in my spot after break

Deciduous trees spotted:


Norway maple

Red oak

White oak

When visiting my site I was in astonishment. In just 2 months my sights phenology had changed dramatically. There was no understory insight. Most of it had died or the snow was covering it. I could not see any water in the stream, but I could faintly hear it. From a hole in the snow I could see that the water was still moving in the stream even with the snow above it. There were more fallen trees on the ground and the ones that were standing were leafless. I could identify a Red oak, White oak, Beech, Norway maple and Eastern white pine tree. As I looked around, I found an animal footprint. The snow was deep, and the footprints were covered in a thin layer of snow, so I could not make out what the animals were. One print looked like a diagonal walker. I assumed it could be a dear. Another track I found was a pacer and I assumed it was a raccoon. Even though I could not clearly see the footprint, the size of the print, and the distance apart from each track helped me make these assumptions.



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