Updates from my spot

I did not see any wildlife or foot prints in my spot during my visit. This is because the ground was covered with leaves and needles. More trees had fallen, died, and lost their leaves. Because of this, I was able to see through the forest making the open field visible to me. There was a significant amount of bare trees and many of the understory species had died. I could hear the sound of the wind and waterway but no animals.


Birdseye view

Birdseye view of my spot

My location


Centennial Woods spot

My special spot is in centennial woods. At your first intersection in the path you turn right instead of going straight. This will take you to a small rocky river way with lots of vegetation surrounding it. It is a very peaceful spot because it has the visual aspect of the water way and many under and over story trees. You are also able to hear the water when sitting in the area creating a zen environment.

In the over story there are many Eastern white pines and small and tall Ash trees. There is also a Norway maple, Box elder and a Paper birch. In the under story there are many woody plants, some poison ivy, ferns, and Buck thorns. There are also some dead trees within the area.


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