Brown, Orange, Yellow;

The lively days of Summer

Decay into the brisk evenings of fall.

Warm and sunny to wet and somber;

The dark days of December rap at the door,

As the brown, orange, and yellow slowly become

Enveloped in white.

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Squirrel Digging Hole
American Chestnut Holding Out
Yellowed Sugar Maple
Red Oak Living Up to its Name
Downstream 9/29
Across Stream

Though the majority of my observations are on the map I created, it is important to emphasize the more important aspects of my trip on Friday 11/2.  Squirrels are making a last ditch effort of eating easily-attainable food, and much is the same for the birds in the area.  Bugs have almost entirely disappeared from the landscape, so birds are reliant on the remaining berries, grapes and seeds that are left on plants, trees and vines throughout.  Almost all the trees, inducing the oaks who are late to fall, have fell; stick season is upon us.  The warm weather resulted in a micro-hatch of small flies, which seemed uncharacteristic for how cold it had been in preceding days.  Nature is slowing down, battening down the hatches for an oncoming Vermont winter.  Winter is coming.