Final Phenology Blog Post!

My place now has some yellow and white flowers blooming and the trees are staring to turn green.  The brook is full and flowing, it really feels like summer.  The ground is very muddy from eh thunderstorm and the ferns are happy.  Nature and culture intertwine at my place because it is right off the walking path.  Part of American culture is recreating and this path in Centennial Woods is a great place for Vermonter’s to recreate by walking, running, bringing their dog, biking, or even hammocking!  As I sit here many people pass by and we exchange a hello or a how are you as we are surrounded by birds chirping and plants growing.  A squirrel even hopped by.  I consider myself to be apart of my place because I feel calm and content in it.  When I sit by the brook I feel blissful and at peace.

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