Thanksgiving Break

Over break, I went to Jenness State Beach in Rye, New Hampshire.  I visited the beach three times.  It is a short drive, ten minutes, from my house in Exeter, New Hampshire.  The beach is a beautiful stretch of flat sand, rocks, and blue water lined with beach homes.  The beach was windy and about 40 degrees, perfect walking weather.  I have been spending a lot of time at beaches my whole life so I feel very grounded whenever I visit the beach.  The immense power of the ocean always leaves me in awe.  I have respect for the ocean that I have for no other element.  While there are not any trees on the beach like there are at my spot in Centennial Woods, there is wildlife present.  There are flies, birds, sand crabs, dogs, seaweed, algae, kelp, shrubs, and other sea creatures.  Jennies State Beach has a captivating sky at all times of day as seen in my photos.  The clouds change quickly and the sunsets are full of vivid colors that wash the sky.  The bodies of water at my spots differ greatly.  While the creek at Centennial Woods is a quiet bubble of water moving slowly through the woods, the ocean at Jenness has waves that crash loudly and move quickly over the sand and the tide moves throughout the day.

Changes at my location

Since my last visit, the canopy cover has lessened significantly, many trees have fallen, the creek is fuller, and the ground muddier.  Today the sky was a grey white, fully covered in clouds, the wind was howling, and the creek rippling.