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Rent-a-friend in Japan from BBC News

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/from_our_own_correspondent/7818140.stm Rent-a-friend in Japan In Japan, now back in recession, the economic situation has taken a sharp turn for the worse in recent months. But the Japanese still like to use their money to have fun, as Duncan Bartlett has been finding out. Japan’s cat cafes lay on luxury accommodation for their felines In pictures […]

Who brought Confucianism to Japan?

Here is an answer UCLA site, “In 402, a Chinese scholar known only as Wani brought Confucianism to Japan.” http://www.international.ucla.edu/eas/japan/classical/overview.htm

The Cute Quotient by Zenaida Serrano

Button nose. Floppy ears. Chubby face. There’s something about Pochacco that Toni Nishida-Chock can’t resist. For more than 10 years, Nishida-Chock has been drawn to the Sanrio pup’s signature purple and green products, including notepads and CD cases, even nail art. “Cuteness plays a huge role,” said Nishida-Chock, 36. Dawn Suzuki, 28, prefers the ultra […]

Kosupure – Costume Player

冬コミケ「コスプレ広場」写真特集  同人誌の展示即売会「コミックマーケット75」が28日、東京・有明の東京ビッグサイトで始まった。会場内の「コスプレ広場」には、アニメや漫画のキャラクターに扮するコスプレイヤーたちが集い、自慢のコスプレ姿を披露。カメラに向かって思い思いのポーズを決めた。30日まで開催。 Asahi Newspaper Costume Player’s photo gallery Check out the site: http://www.asahi.com/photonews/gallery/entertainment/081228comike/index.html


Tent villagers live in a precarious situation 2009/1/6 by Asahi Newspaper The poignant strains of “Furusato” (Hometown) filled the wintry air, sung by a woman accompanied by an accordionist for the people at Toshikoshi Haken Mura (dispatch workers’ New Year village), the temporary shelter set up in Tokyo’s Hibiya Park to provide shelter and meals […]

Assignment 5 due January 8 Thursday

Post your comments and feelings on differences between your culture and Japanese culture. This is not a blog marathon. Share your thoughts and feelings. You can interact with others’ comments as well. Due 11am on 1/8/09.

Assignment 4 due January 8 Thursday

Research and post at least two Japanese table manners that others have not posted before you. Due is 11am 1/8/09. http://www.cityofmobile.org/news_photo_archive/dsc02643.jpghttp://www.cityofmobile.org/news_photo_archive/dsc02643.jpg

Assignment 3 due 11am January 7 Wednesday

Read Popular Culture and Everyday Life by Yoshio Sugimoto and post your comments by 11am Wednesday 1/7/09. This is not a blog marathon.

Assignment 1 and 2 due 11am January 6 Tuesday

Assigment 1: Striking Facts about Japan Post three striking facts about Japan. Surprise me and everyone in our class! Assignment 2: Useful/Fun Links Post 2 useful or fun website links related to Japan and a brief description of the sites. These are blog marathons. You can only post ideas and links that others have not […]