My Blog Inspiration: “Timeless Living”

Hello to all of you, who read what I have to say

I stumbled upon the blog “Timeless Living” by Webatvantage, from Belgium. This website is very user friendly, which a technologically challenged individual, like myself, needs. The site is also very “approachable” in the way that it made it easy for me to see the menu bar right away and go from there or simply scroll down. The site is in some ways calming. It uses light and simple colors, such as white, light shades of brown and green and not too many bright, vibrant colors which I think not only gave it a calming feel, but also a mature and elegant one. This also helped to not distract me from what the site was actually about, houses. There are subtle, thin lines which help to break up the separate subjects, but continue to allow for a flow to the blog instead of harshly separated sections. There are always pictures along with the words, which makes it more appealing to actually read, at least for people who are not big readers. There are such fluid transitions throughout the site and it makes it simple and nice to navigate.

With all of these ascetics, which I liked, the writing itself was in a different language, which I could not read. I can barely speak Spanish after six years, let alone German. Very clean, simple, well organized site that I would definitely visit again.

That is all I have for you today. Thanks for making it all the way to the end. I’ll be coming back at you soon with my own blog site you can all gawk over! Thank U, Next

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