Week 1 Recap

The first week of programming has come and gone. It was amazing to meet all of the kids and put all of our planning into action!

It’s always a little scary to put your creations into the world. I can’t say that everything went perfectly but with a few teaks I think this is going to be an awesome session. There are so many cool kids around these parts. Below are some photos from LEGO Robotics, I’m still waiting on video release forms for Video Production.


Stay tuned and always learn from your mistakes,


We’ve Got NXT and EV3s!

Here at UVM Extension we have tons of Lego Mindstorm NXT kits and even a couple of EV3 programmable bricks. Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting to know these units and creating some fun curricula for lucky after school programs. Check out some cool examples of things kids can program with the Lego Mindstorms here.

CatCH After School Test Pilots

On December 12, the first meeting of the St Johnsbury After-School Committee took place during students’ lunch break. The program will hopefully be further funded next year, but this spring semester students will have a chance to shape and participate in some pilot programs facilitated by UVM Extension 4-H.

Students discussed club ideas and time tables. Stay tuned as this program develops!