Week 6: Robot Decoration

For week 6 we got a little crazy with some mixed-media Lego decoration!

The LEAP Americorps crew had a wonderful workshop with Wonderarts and learned about the fun and educational value of incorporating are into, well…everything!

Who says robots can’t have some flair?!

Not these kids.

Rose: Oh the creativity!

Bud: Hopefully getting to decorate robots can make programming and tech stuff more accessible to kids who might not think they fit in to the “sciencey” scene.

Thorn: Lots of clean up.



Week 5: Using Color Sensors and Switch Blocks

This week was pretty exciting.

The Lego Mindstorm kits come with a color sensor. The sensor can detect different colors or changes in color, and can be programmed to do different tasks, using the switch block, using the imput from the sensor.

I made a maze using a thick black line and some different color swatches that the kids had to navigate. 

Rose: The kids really liked using the sensors to detect different colors.

Bud: Will they someday work for Google designing self-driving cars? Maybe!

Thorn: Some of the sensors were a bit glitchy and did not work as well as expected.