Week 4: Driving in a Square With a Loop Block

This week the kids dove in to a bit of programming.

 They were tasked with using a Loop Block to program their robots to drive in a square. 

Lego Mindstorm

Rose: It was awesome to see the kids program the motors using rotations versus seconds and watching them get the hang of using the program pallet.

Bud: I can’t wait to see how they will use the loop block in future projects.

Thorn: The only thorn from this week was that most groups finished the task pretty quickly so they needed a tougher challenge!

Week 2: Building a Castor Bot

This week the kids built some Caster Bots.

The Castor Bot is a basic two-motor drive robot with sturdy construction that turns easily. Its a great starter bot that can be built off of for future NASA missions. This build is for an NXT brick, but still a good way to get familiar with LEGO parts.

Below is a poster featuring the different pieces needed for each section.  Students were split into 2 teams to see who could build their bot the fastest.

Thorn: For the Lunenburg group I gave the kids instructions (that were unfortunately in Black and white) and had them hunt through the LEGO box for pieces. That proved to be quite a challenge to finish in our 1 hour time frame.

Rose: The next day ran much smoother. At Miller’s Run I had each step separated out with parts and color instructions. The kids did awesome and were able to build their bots easily.

Bud: For future sessions I plan on having a setup somewhere in between these two strategies. I will definitely use color instructions and have the pieces organized, but the kids can probably find and count them out themselves.

Stay tuned sports fans,