Week 8: Stop Animation

Hello All!

I’m very backlogged with post drafts for each week of the Video production Club, but I was so excited about Stop Animation I’m jumping ahead. The kids made some really AWESOME videos.

Stop Motion Animation using iPads:

Materials Needed:

  1. This helpful youtube video: https://youtu.be/_ppedXZHhE0
  2. Stop Motion Studio App for iPad
  3. Random arts and crafts
  4. LEGO people if you have them
  5. Anything you need for a projector/tv screen to show the tutorial
  6. I used a clip on desk light to hold iPads in place and have adjustable lighting
  7. Your imagination!

how it went:

First, I watched the tutorial which was very helpful relaxing. Then I messed around a bit with the app and made a few dinky videos spelling out my name with play doh.

When I got to school I hooked up my laptop to a big tv screen and showed the kids the video. Then I cut them loose with a box of random art supplies and some LEGOs.

THEY. MADE. THE. COOLEST. VIDEOS. All were miles more creative than mine and I can’t wait to see how they incorporate their new skills for next week when we make explainer videos!

Rose: The creativity!

Bud: Can’t wait for next week.

Thorn: I should have brought more LEGO people because they work really well with stop animation.