Week 8: Stop Animation

Hello All!

I’m very backlogged with post drafts for each week of the Video production Club, but I was so excited about Stop Animation I’m jumping ahead. The kids made some really AWESOME videos.

Stop Motion Animation using iPads:

Materials Needed:

  1. This helpful youtube video: https://youtu.be/_ppedXZHhE0
  2. Stop Motion Studio App for iPad
  3. Random arts and crafts
  4. LEGO people if you have them
  5. Anything you need for a projector/tv screen to show the tutorial
  6. I used a clip on desk light to hold iPads in place and have adjustable lighting
  7. Your imagination!

how it went:

First, I watched the tutorial which was very helpful relaxing. Then I messed around a bit with the app and made a few dinky videos spelling out my name with play doh.

When I got to school I hooked up my laptop to a big tv screen and showed the kids the video. Then I cut them loose with a box of random art supplies and some LEGOs.

THEY. MADE. THE. COOLEST. VIDEOS. All were miles more creative than mine and I can’t wait to see how they incorporate their new skills for next week when we make explainer videos!

Rose: The creativity!

Bud: Can’t wait for next week.

Thorn: I should have brought more LEGO people because they work really well with stop animation.

Week 1: Rained Out!

Our first official Video Production Club meeting was set for this afternoon. However, due to the notorious Vermont weather, we are rescheduling for next week. Fingers crossed for sunnier days!

Or maybe a little less freezing rainย ๐Ÿ˜œ. Click here for next week’s tentative lesson plan.ย  I can’t wait to get started!

Stay curious and remember the Rule of Thirds,

Katie (4-H Program Assistant)