Social Capital

Social Capital

Concord MA


There are numerous different ways that impact the social capital in Concord has. First, Concord has many different organizations that engage the residents. The Concord Community Chest is the largest community organization that the residents take part in. This organization hosts different types of events to raise money. Each year 1,300 residents donate various amounts of money (CCC 2015). This money that gets donated is used to provide a wide variety of service to the community. These services include family and individual counseling, legal assistance, job retraining, substance abuse programs, and many more (CCC 2015). The Concord Community Chest helps over 1,000 different residents a year with many different services. There are many other community organizations that connect the Concord residents. The Concord Chamber of Commerce is a key resource for the community. This organization is dedicated to the local businesses, and maintaining a strong economy. The chamber of Commerce organizes the local businesses and making sure they have all the resources necessary to have a successful business and contribute to the economy. Other than the organizations, Concord residents are always active with each other. There are many different neighborhoods that have close ties with each one another and have block parties, BBQs, and other neighborly events. These different aspects of the social capital in Concord make the community highly desirable to live in.



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