Natural Capital- Concord MA

Natural Capital

Concord MA


Tourist from around the world travel to Concord to experience its diverse natural capital. Concord has dedicated 6,119.84 acres that are permanently protected open space (Concord Open Space and Recreation Plan 2015). Within those acres there are multiple ponds, woodland areas, three rivers, and historical farm lands. All these natural resources make Concord a high traffic area for tourists. Walden Pond, located in Concord, is the main tourist attraction. This pond is very famous because it was home to the world renown naturalist Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau also called Estabrook Woods home, which is now the largest undeveloped woodland within thirty miles of Boston (Concord Open Space and Recreation Plan 2015). These two conservation areas bring tourist to Concord which stimulates the local economy. Besides the big tourist attractions, Concord has many other natural areas that make the natural capital so diverse. Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is a 3,800-acre area of freshwater wetlands dedicated for migratory birds (Concord Open Space and Recreation Plan 2015). These natural areas are protected and maintained by the Concord Land Conservation Trust. This organization maintains these properties and continuously look for more property to add to the conservation acreage. This organization is vital to keeping Concord beautiful. The Concord community is very fortunate to have so much conservation land to enjoy and use freely.








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