Built Capital-Jamestown

Since Jamestown, Rhode Island is its own little island, much of their built capital is based off the very localized, small community and has been built/implemented in order to meet the needs of this small community. Some of the most important aspects of Jamestown’s built capital include The Jamestown Bridge (The Verrazzano Bridge), the Jamestown Fire Department and EMS Division, The Police Department of Jamestown, The Jamestown Transfer Station for trash and recycling, and one of the most important, Jamestown’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Each of these important pieces of Jamestown’s built capital come together to demonstrate the values and the priorities of the community within Jamestown. Looking critically at the functionality and at the efforts of these different departments and facilities, one can see that the community of Jamestown, RI is very involved in trash clean-up and recycling, both of which would not be possible without a properly functioning transfer station. The transfer station allows for residents of the community to access a fully functioning garbage disposal and recycling facility. “Metal items are accepted… Motor oil is accepted… and yard waste is accepted at the Transfer Station” (Jamestown, 2016) as well. This gives the community members a broad range of means for correctly disposing of their trash, and demonstrated just how important proper waste disposal is to the community and also exemplifies the strength of public infrastructure, which all-in-all contributes to creating a healthy and happy community.


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