Built Capital

Deer Isle’s built capital lies within its historic town center, located right on the coast. Because of its isolated location, Deer Isle has survived as an authentic New England fishing town with minimal development and historic preservation. The buildings in the town center are located right on the coast, with stunning views of Stonington Harbor and direct access to the water. Deer Isle’s downtown district is also home to many of the town’s most thriving businesses and organizations. The town center attracts both year-round and summer residents, hosting everything from fishing supply stores to art galleries. One local organization, the Deer Isle Opera House, has thrived by preserving the island’s historic theater, and has become a major visiting point for both tourists and locals.

Deer Isle also has a significant amount of marine infrastructural built capital. Deer Isle’s biggest harbor is located on the east end of the island, and is home to public docks and marine fuel stations. One local business, Greenhead Lobster, owns private docks as well as manage portions of the public docks. Because Greenhead has access to Deer Isle’s state of the art infrastructure, lobstermen from all over the Penobscot Bay chose to sell their lobsters in Deer Isle over the other nearby lobster buyers.


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