Westwood, MA built capital

Flora and Flora (2004) states that built capital is “The permanent physical installations and facilities supporting productive activities in a community.” Some possible “installations” consist of; roads, street, bridges, railroads, airports, drinking water facilities, police and fire protection facilities. In Westwood, Ma they are currently undergoing two projects surrounding built capital. The first project is a brand new fire house, in Islington Center. As well as a brand new police station in Westwood Center. These two facilities will be extremely useful to the community for years to come. It is an excellent investment in safety, and security.

In 2010 Westwood built up a brand new Library, as well. This is an excellent Community Based Organization here in Westwood.  The youth can grow up in the town, having all the resources  needed to be successful in school. About 1.6% of Westwood residents are below the poverty line, although this may not sound large in comparison to the other 98.4%, but it is very important to keep all of the community in mind. The new Library makes it a level playing field for all in the community, especially those who cannot afford books, computers, or mentoring. The library is completely free of charge, all you must do is register for a library card to start taking out books!


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