Human Capital: Montpelier, VT

Montpelier, VT


Human Capital


Improving a community’s human capital goes beyond just helping residents find jobs, it works on developing skills, experience and education opportunities for people within a community. Frequently, those who lack education, job experience, and job training are in need of help to become competitive in the job market. Educational institutions within the community are great places to go to find resources that can lead you to whatever type of educational experience you are looking for.

The city of Montpelier is well known for having many outlets for education learning opportunities to a wide range people. For those that have access to higher education, The New England Culinary Institute, The Vermont College of Fine Arts, and CCV Montpelier are all institutions that help people build skills and experience to bring to the job market. According to U.S. Census data, the unemployment rate for people 16-19 years of age is 18.6% and 24.1% for the 20-24 year age bracket (DADS 2015). College graduates are facing disproportional unemployment rates from other age groups with the third highest unemployment demographic being people aged 30-34, which is only at 7.4% (DADS 2015). One of the ways that CCV Montpelier is trying to help its students succeed after graduating is by offering career development and career planning workshops to help prepare students and community members for the professional world (Press Release 2016).

The city’s vibrant art scene is another major contributor to its development of human capital. The Montpelier Arts Center engages and educates local residents by providing workshops and classes ranging from welding to cartooning (Montpelier Center for Arts and Education). The Vermont senior activity center is another community institution that is committed to providing affordable education and development opportunities for Montpelier residents. They provide seniors with over 40 different classes aimed to improve health and to further education (Classes).




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