Cultural Capital: Alburgh, VT

According to Green and Haines (2015), “cultural capital represents forces such as family background and educational qualifications that can be converted into economic capital and help to explain the structure and function of a community” (p. 306). If you were to ask the people around Alburgh what the “cultural capital” of the area was like, you would probably get a lot of funny, self-deprecating humor from the populace. The Alburghians are an interesting breed.

Alburgh’s population is pretty old. Most of those people are in their mid-40s (with the median acc3ge being 44.1). Although the disbursement of people’s age is fairly even among the town, most people are between the ages of 55-59 at a whopping 9.1% of the population. The people in Alburgh are primarily educated with a high school diploma, but there aren’t a lot of people who attended college. Ages 18-24, so the typical age of a college student in my town has 54% of that population who have had some college education. Of the 1,203 people who are age 25 and older, 39.5% of that population has graduated High School. 16.2% of those people also have at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and 7.1% of those people have completed grad school. (“Data Access and Dissemination System:, n.d.)  So in terms of higher education, Alburgh doesn’t necessarily have too many people seeking out further knowledge.

Most of the people thacc1t live in Alburgh went into jobs in the manufacturing industry straight out of high school, and it is represented in the hardworking spirit in the town. The people in Alburgh tend to be your typical Vermont stereotype. We are a rather rugged, hardworking, and outdoorsy group, and we dress the part! The town’s shared heritage sees them partaking in activities such as hunting, barbecuing, snowmobiling, mudding, skeet-shooting, and of course; fishing. Almost all of the town in Alburgh fishes because it is surrounded by the lake, and it can be done year round. Unfortunately due to runoff from storm water drains, Lake Champlain is now overly contaminated with phosphorus.

The EPA has taken notice of the lake, and has since put forth a plan that the state of Vermont must adocc2pt at the end of the year to receive funding for the clean up. (Midura, 2016) Too much algae blooms makes it harder for the people of Alburgh to do what they love to do, and in this instance the EPA is acting as a community based organization, because this clean up will bring back a past time that has been dwindling in Alburgh due to the pollution in the lake.

The people of Alburgh like to keep their Lake clean, and their lines cast!


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