Built Capital. Bronx, NY

The Bronx is a large community, with incredible built capital.  Built Capital can be defined as any pre-existing or planned formation that is constructed or retrofitted to suit community needs.  The physical features of the Bronx is immense, with New York City having some of the largest infrastructure throughout our nation.

The Bronx is largely dependent upon its train system to facilitate much of its transportation. The MTA, connects much of NYC with a wide array of train systems. With over three local train stations within the Bronx, and multiple train lines connecting the Bronx towards other boroughs throughout New York City. According to the MTA, the train systems within the Bronx has an average ridership of underneath one million people per day. With a total population of 1.4 million people, over 75% of all Bronx natives use the train system as their primary commute.  With all of New York City depending upon the train infrastructure in daily life, there has been tremendous initiatives put in place to create new train lines, as well as faster rides.

With the blessing of Mayor De Blasio, the new Second Ave subway line is due for construction. This new construction line will be New York City’s first major expansion within the Bronx in over fifty years. When completed, the line will add an additional 8.5 miles of train line, connecting the Southern Bronx towards Manhattan in a much more efficient manner. Many Bronx natives rely upon train transit in order to get to work, and the new Second Ave Subway line will connect Bronxites to their jobs much more quickly.