Berlin, CT

Mike Voelpel

Human Capital


According to the Us Census Bureau the population in Berlin, Connecticut is 19,866 people. About 94% of the population over the age of 25 has obtained at least a high school diploma or the equivalence of a high school diploma.   There are almost 2,000 different industries within the town of Berlin meaning we have many people who contain various skill sets. The community promotes a healthy lifestyle through the large amount of sports and activities provided by the community. Living longer healthier lives helps increase the human capital within the community because it increases the population in the town of Berlin. I spoke about the program UPBEAT in one of my previous blogs and it also applies here for human capital. The program helps build life skills among the high school students as well as preparing the future workforce.   Exposing them to options beyond high school early is a good way to improve the upcoming workforce and improve upon the community’s human capital. UPBEAT partners with local organizations so kids are able to explore different jobs after school. The program promotes entrepreneurship in the town and encourages kids to follow their dreams and work towards their goals.



US Census Bureau (2015). Educational Attainment for Town of Berlin, CT. Table S1501. Washington, DC.