Berlin, CT

Mike Voelpel

Built Capital


The town of Berlin has its own police and fire department. Recently the town proposed a multimillion-dollar new police station but it was turned down by the town-wide vote. On the other hand the town approved renovations for the high school for about 5 million dollars in 2011. According to the town of Berlin’s website it was finished in 2015 for 9.1 million dollars increasing the built capital in the community. There is currently a bridge that was washed away during a storm in 2015 that is still under construction and will be until February of 2017 according to signs around that specific road. The potholes throughout the town are always filled in a reasonable amount of time suggesting the roadways are a good form of built capital in the community. There is a major railway that goes through the town that goes all the way to up to the top of Vermont. The railway transports the people from the town all the way up to Essex Junction, VT. It is a great form of built capital because it is a permanent physical installation supporting productive activities in a community such as transporting people and goods from Berlin to other parts of the northeast.