Berlin, CT

Mike Voelpel

Financial Capital


Berlin has been increasing its financial capital within the community thanks to local businesses that have been popping up. 78.3% of Berlin work within their county of residence according to the US Census Bureau. The local businesses that are doing the best are restaurants and bars that have a well know owner from the community. Uncle D’s Diner is one of the newer restaurants in town that has been getting a lot of business from the locals. The restaurant owner, Daren, was one of the well know members of the community because his children grew up playing sports with others in the town and he would always cook food for the teams. He decided to follow his passion for food through the love and support from the community members and open up a restaurant. Citizens of Berlin are happy to go to his restaurant to support him and his family while keeping money within the town. Another local business that has been making a good impression on the community is a bar called Tavern on the Tracks. A local bar that provides quality craft beers and hires local bands to play on the weekends have been a huge hit! The bar is located in the heart of the town so it gets a lot of foot traffic and residents are happy to spend their money here and continue to build financial capital within the community.

Here is a picture of Daren inside his famous restaurant:




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