Political Capital: Colchester, Vermont

Colchester High School is where I went to high school before going to UVM.It was where I had some of the best memories in my life there. Everything from sporting events to pep rallies, classes and more made my experience there one of the best! According to “School Digger”, Colchester High School is ranked the 8th best high school in Vermont. The high school is one of Colchester’s most important pieces of capital. Even our very own principal, Amy Minor, was nominated as principal of the year in 2014, and was flown to the White House to meet President Barak Obama.

It is where the majority of people in town go to cast their votes for everything from governor to the President of the United States. The Colchester School Board has its meetings in the school’s library where they discuss a range of topics that directly affect the lives of the students and members of the community. There are also Town Hall Meetings open to the public that occur in the school’s auditorium. There is always a large and involved audience showing from members who come from all over to be involved and voice their opinions. There are other places besides Colchester High school that serve a political purpose for the town of Colchester.  Places such as the Parks and Rec Department,  town meeting house, and the Colchester Police Department. Although, these facilities do a great job at serving the people of Colchester there isn’t a better building that has the access that Colchester High School can offer.

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