Montpelier, VT- Built Capital

Montpelier, Vermont, is very well kept town with a generally small community of individuals living in its boundaries. Most of its land is very expensive due to its value due to other assets in financial, social, human, and political capital. This makes there more incentives to keep property well kept up because a vacant lot would be very expensive for a landowner to maintain due to its high property tax and price.


There has been a general trend of not much development in recent years. 48.2% of its land was built before 1939 or earlier, showing how not much development has taken place in recent years and that almost half of the built capital in Montpelier has been maintained. 6.2% of built infrastructure has been developed after the year 2000. This shows how barely any new development has taken place in recent years. In 2010 there was said to be 4,034 housing units in Montpelier.

The Montpelier Fire Department is a good example of built infrastructure that thrives in Montpelier. It is very well funded and very well utilized. High property tax on land is usually what results in such well-maintained facilities, mainly due to the high taxes that residents pay in order to keep it that way.

Meanwhile, roads are not very well maintained in Montpelier and you often see lots of potholes in the roads surrounding the neighborhood. One reason for this is to keep an incentive for local drivers to drive more slowly. However, new roads, sidewalks, and public infrastructure are usually added slowly added on an annual basis.



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