Rio Arriba, NM: Built Capital

Built capital, as described by the textbook, is: “the permanent physical installations and facilities supporting protective activities in a community”. These include: bridges, roads, airports, gas utilities, water water facilities, and so on.

Northern Rio Arriba Electric (NORA) provides electricity for the entire Rio Arriba region. This system uses Electric Thermal Storage (ETS), which means during off-peak hours, electricity is stored and can then be transferred as heat. This is a popular mechanism used throughout North America, to efficiently and cleanly preserve energy. NORA is a member owned co-op, serving 3,100 customers over 510 miles across Rio Arriba.

By functioning as a co-op, NORA not only provides electricity for the region, but also enhances financial capital for its residents by involving them in the business. Moreover, NORA manages to be an efficient provider, so that residents can utilize and preserve as much energy as possible. NORA encourages sustainable and efficient practices among the Rio Arriba region.

Another example of built capital within Rio Arriba is their adult detention facility. Each year, 2,000 men and women are booked. This is an important aspect note, because the state of New Mexico has uniquely high crimean drug rates among youth and adults. With this facility, the Rio Arriba region is able to maintains security.

These examples of built capital, the detention facility and electric co-op, are essential aspects to Rio Arriba in maintaining its function. Without these, there would be less of a cohesive community. Built capital is crucial for any community, because it provides outlets for the public and residents, that make life a little easier.


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