Built Capital, New Canaan CT

Built Capital is defined as any pre-existing or planned formation that is constructed or retrofitted to suit community needs. Basically, built capital is any human made infrastructure or environment that benefits those whom make use of these resources. The town of New Canaan has its fair share of public infrastructure consisting of public buildings, streets/sidewalks, bridges, reservoirs, parks, and other various formations. As a New Canaan High School alum and current resident it is apparent that sports are a major part of what brings our community together. At the Turkey Bowl my senior year (The annual rivalry game between New Canaan and Darien on Thanksgiving), there were more than 10,000 people present to gather as a community and show their support. This event was only resposible given the bountiful public athletic facilities at NCHS and the surrounding Waveny Park. Both public areas are home to three football fields, eight soccer fields, two baseball fields, four tennis courts, a full track, and approximately 300 acres of wooded public forest. There are also two public water towers in the heart of Waveny park that help supply clean water to its residents. Waveny Park was donated in 1967 and Waveny Mansion, the centerpiece and jewel of this public land, was sold to the town for $1.5 million. The park is essential to the towns sporting programs and is the hosting place for every soccer and baseball game run by youth organizations. According to American FactFinder there are approximately 6,877 students in New Canaans public schooling programs and therefore a plethora of extracurricular activities are needed to fit the local demand.


The park is also an essential part to the gathering of community members for various events. On any given day you can take your energetic pup to our state of the art dog park open to the public, granted your dog has been safely vaccinated. On every fourth of July there is an extravagant fireworks display where the popular majority of the town is in attendance. Various shows are put on within Waveny ranging from school plays to professional plays put on by Broadway directors. The annual NCHS post prom party is held at the mansion where over 1,000 students, teachers, and parents gather to celebrate the upcoming graduation for high school seniors and the completion of another successful year as a student in New Canaan’s public schools.


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