Built Capital: Middlebury, VT

Photo By Chris Fastie, http://fastie.net/over-middlebury/

Photo By Chris Fastie, http://fastie.net/over-middlebury/

Middlebury’s built capital us unique to the area, state, and even country. For starters, the town is riddled with historical landmarks and buildings. Infrastructure that remains in Middlebury from the late 1700’s and 1800’s positions Middlebury as a timeless and sustained community in central Vermont. Marble, stone and bricks piece together buildings within Middlebury College and the downtown village that have survived many years in this quaint community, and are rooted within the town’s resources.

The town has almost every form of built capital imaginable, and this is somewhat essential within the environment of Addison County. Middlebury based ACTR runs busses throughout the county, and even as far as Rutland or Burlington. State-owned Rutland Railway passes through the downtown village, and Middlebury State Airport is a small, publicly-owned and public-use airport with 37 aircrafts. There’s above average police and fire departments, as well as Porter Medical Center, a community hospital located south of college campus. Water, electricity and other vital components that Flora and Flora (2004) list as built capital essentials.

Middlebury seems to constantly be upgrading roadways and bridges, as well as developing land and creating/maintaining infrastructure. As noted in previous blogs, Middlebury has a significantly younger population, as well as median income than Vermont state average. Amongst many hotels, chain/small businesses and other additions, Middlebury has excelled in establishing affordable housing.  A total of 482 housing units were built between 2000 and 2009, a 10 year record for a town that currently has 3,127 households. History has held strong though, as 27 percent of housing structures were built before 1940.

Many units built in Middlebury since 2000 serve the needs of younger people and low income families. The Addison County Community Trust has provided Addison County with affordable housing since 1990. Founded in Middlebury and now located in Vergennes, ACCT states they “develop, own, and manage affordable housing in Addison County, including rental apartments, mobile home parks, single-family homes, and senior housing,” (addisontrust.org).






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