Built Capital: Colchester, Vermont

c3a7aa3503162661f8a5aec9c93f810fl-m0xd-w640_h480_q80Built capital in the Town of Colchester is human- made infrastructure that is formed/ pre-existing to support the citizens.  This infrastructure includes design factors that can be retrofitted to benefit the community. This includes our roads, bridges, airports, water treatment facilities, buildings, communication technologies, and public places. Built capital in an environment is important because it has many factors dependent on it. Without built capital it is difficult for a community to grow and benefit.

Because this is Vermont, there are no big towers, billboards, malls, 0r infrastructure of that nature in Colchester . With that being said, growing up in Colchester I witnessed first hand the boom in our housing market. A lot of Colchester even 10 years ago was very minimal and underdeveloped. Now, there is a lot of new construction houses going up and new neighborhoods forming especially around the Lake!

The town of Colchester boarders the giant Lake Champlain. Celebrities such as Tim Thomas and Mike Myers have spent millions buying property on the beach’s discrete shores. Other’s have followed and now there are hundreds of houses on the banks all over the “587 miles of shoreline that make up the lake’s perimeter” (Lake Champlain Land Trust). A lot of people have moved here and are attracted to Colchester because of the capital the town has built over the years. Things like the towns excellent school system, beautifully diverse four seasons, and the great people of the community that have chosen Colchester as their home. Colchester is a thriving community that continues to grow and prosper. It will continue to be a thriving example of balance between preservation and innovation all thanks to the human-made environment Colchester has created.

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