Built Capital: Oceanside, CA

Built Capital: Oceanside, California

Built capital consists of permanent physical structures that endure over a long period of time that support productive activities in a community.  Tax dollars support many of these structures. Infrastructure like roads, streets, bridges, airports, railroads, electric and natural gas utilities, police and fire departments, drinking water facilities, water treatments centers, waste disposal centers, communication technology networks, and buildings.

The City of Oceanside has a Development Services Department comprised of a planning, engineering, and building division to oversee all aspects of land use, natural resource and transportation planning, design of public projects, and construction oversight of public and private properties (City of Oceanside, 2016).

The planning division promotes responsible and innovative land use, and encourages development opportunities to achieve city goals. The Coast Highway Vision and Strategic Plan is an in depth project that includes a vision plan, implementation strategy, and design guidelines to make the famous coast highway and surrounding streets more desirable for the community (City of Oceanside, 2016). The plan focuses on overall appeal, design, market use, and economic development, which relies heavily on built capital.

Extensive research had to be conducted to understand the many uses and designs of coast highway and to understand the many existing assets and challenges of coast highway area. Coast highway was broken down into categories based on geographic similarities to develop smaller applicable goals. This includes designs for a new bike paths on pre-existing roads, parking structures with solar panels, preservation of existing residential stock, new multi-family housing with visually pleasing landscape and aesthetic, incorporating mixed use development around transportation stations, increased eco-friendly development, and encouragement of land use for art studios, galleries, and museums (City of Oceanside, 2016). The core of these designs focuses on the need for new sustainable infrastructure or the renovation of existing infrastructure to meet community needs.

Built capital is not limited to public infrastructure and certainly includes the privately funded structures that also support the community. The Coast Highway Vision and Strategic Plan exemplify how built capital holds vital connections to land use, economic development, and sustainability. Built capital must work to incorporate the needs of not only the existing community but of the generations to come.  


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