Westwood, Ma

Westwood, Ma, is currently ranked the 15th wealthiest town in Massachusetts. The median income for houses in Westwood are $128,984, and $157,656 for families. From class we know financial capital has more to it than just the dollars within a community. That’s why Westwood likes to use the tax dollars to build up the community. A brand new high school was built in 2010, as well as a brand new library for the town in 2014. The money for these developments came all from the town tax dollars. It is quite an expensive community to live in, but it sure does come with its benefits.

Westwood uses all of its money to build up the community’s resources and make the community what it is today. Currently the town is working on two more projects using the town’s tax dollars; rebuilding the fire station and police station. By investing in these two projects we are bettering important resources for the town’s security purposes. Getting more efficient vehicles, and infrastructure will definitely insure the town is safe.

One important community-based organization in Westwood that greatly affects the town’s financial capital is the Westwood Youth and Family Services. They do all the work that has to do with bettering the community. They help facilitate the town’s income, wealth, savings, and credit. The town would truly not be the same without all the help from them.